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Eric Holcomb

Address: 1900 NE 3rd St STE 106 PMB 361, Bend, OR 97701-3889
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Eric Holcomb Personal Web Pages

This section provides some insight into Eric's personal activities, at least what he's willing to reveal in a public forum!


Eric has several hobby interests (the first three constitute the ABC's!):

Websites (also see Business section)

Eric maintains the following hobby-related websites.



Opinions, etc.

See Eric's current and former cats!

Slide Shows (converted slide shows from Eric's father, James R. Holcomb)

Note: Shows are PDF files which can be viewed in a number of ways (including scrolling) in Abode Acrobat Reader -- see the "View" menu. Eventually I may also create other formats.

Travel and Events (also see Travel section)
1996-97 Events
Comet Hyakutake
Comet Hale-Bopp
2004 Events
Portland ANA National Money Show (PNNA site)
Pittsburgh ANA Convention (PNNA site)
1998 Events
Solar Eclipse Cruise
2005 Events
San Francisco ANA Convention (PNNA site)
1999 Events
Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Cake
Solar Eclipse Cruise - S.S. Norway
2006 Events
March 2006 Eclipse cruise!
2000 Events
Kingdome Demolition
Space Shuttle Columbia Tour
Christmas Day Partial Solar Eclipse
2007-2008 Events
Move to Bend, OR (Feb. 2008)
2001 Events
February 28, 2001 Earthquake
May 2001 Indy 500 and Parade
June 2001 African Total Solar Eclipse
Nov. 2001 Leonid Meteors over Australia
2009 Events
Portland ANA National Money Show (PNNA site)
July 2009 Eclipse cruise (one of these days I'll actually add the photos)
2002 Events
May 2002 Alaska cruise
June 2002 Partial Solar Eclipse
2010-2011 Events
(None available)
2003 Events
Baltimore ANA Convention (PNNA site)
2012 Events
May 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse and
June 2012 Transit of Venus

November 2012 Australian Total Solar Eclipse