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November 2001 Leonid Meteors over Australia

Featherdale Wildlife Park

This wildlife park is located near Sydney. Eric's tour group visited the park on their final afternoon in Australia, after touring the Blue Mountains.

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FWP_kangaroos_50.jpg (47952 bytes) FWP_kangaroos2_50.jpg (49108 bytes) FWP_koala_50.jpg (32403 bytes) FWP_Eric_50.jpg (37976 bytes)

Left (2) - The kangaroos enjoy a little nap and feeding on the grass. These are either young kangaroos or wallabies, kangaroo "wannabes" that are smaller than their better-known cousins.

Right (2) - What trip to Australia would be complete without seeing a koala? They may be sluggish and tailless, but they're definitely cute and furry! Their habitat and food source are eucalyptus trees and their leaves. (See Blue Mountains.) To reduce stress on the animals, visitors now "cuddle" as Eric is doing here without actually holding the koalas.

FWP_bird1_50.jpg (34352 bytes) FWP_bird2.jpg (63210 bytes) FWP_tas_devil_50.jpg (47720 bytes)

Left (2) - A cockatoo and a pelican (?), examples of the extensive bird life at the park.
Right - Tasmanian devil, appropriately named for its ferocious behavior, but not quite like in the cartoons!