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November 2001 Leonid Meteors over Australia

Kuranda Train / Skyrail

This scenic railway runs from Cairns to Kuranda, in the tropical northeastern part of Australia near the coast. Kuranda itself has a trading post with numerous gift shops and some restaurants. Visitors have the option of returning to Cairns via the Barron Gorge National Park skyrail system, which also provides spectacular scenery and an opportunity for short hikes at two intermediate stations.

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Left - Eric rides the Kuranda train along with a fellow tour member!
Center - Scenic view from the train.
Right - Train going around the "horseshoe curve."

Train_waterfall_50.jpg (64274 bytes) Train_flower_50.jpg (49930 bytes) Train_Kuranda_50.jpg (51082 bytes)

Left - Scenic view of waterfall from the train.
Center - Colorful flower at the train station in Kuranda.
Right - Kuranda station monument.

Gondola_Eric_50.jpg (34159 bytes) Gondola_scenic1_50.jpg (30603 bytes) Gondola_scenic2_50.jpg (30469 bytes)

Left - Eric and roommate Valdar aboard the skyrail.
Center - View of the rainforest from the skyrail.
Right - View from the skyrail approaching the vicinity of Cairns with the ocean in the background.