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May 2002 Alaska Cruise

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

May 18, 2002
Latitude 48 25' N, Longitude 123 23' W (Victoria)
Latitude 47 37' N, Longitude 122 21' W (Seattle Pier 66 for comparison)

Much closer to Seattle than Alaska, Victoria, British Columbia was the last stop on Eric's Alaskan cruise before returning home to Seattle. This is a very popular place for Canadians to live for a number of reasons, including the relatively dry climate, in the rain shadow of mountains on Vancouver Island. (A similar effect gives Sequim, Washington, in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, a sunnier than normal climate for the Pacific Northwest.) There are many attractions for tourists, some of which are shown in the photo composition below.

Click on thumbnail to see full-size picture, which is still only 1/4 the resolution available on an 8 x 10 print at 300 dpi. Please let Eric know if you would like to order a high quality 8 x 10 print of this photo composition.