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May 2002 Alaska Cruise

Ketchikan, Alaska

May 17, 2002
Latitude 55 20' N, Longitude 131 39' W

Ketchikan is the "first city of Alaska," that is the first city reached when sailing northwest from Seattle along the Inside Passage, after passing the coast of British Columbia. (Although in this case the ship didn't stop in Ketchikan until the return leg of the cruise.) Ketchikan is known for a number of things including its "mild" northern rain forest climate, eagles, salmon, native Americans and their totem poles. The Dear Mountain Tribal Hatchery and Eagle Center hosts two permanently injured bald eagles that are unable to fly. Eagles were also spotted in the wild in trees around the city, and as you can see there is a large wood carving of an eagle welcoming visitors to the city. The totem poles are also fascinating, and each one tells a different story.

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