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Composition: Pewter
Shape / Size: Round / 51 mm x 5 mm thick
Weight: 60 grams
Mintage: Unknown (Est. less that 5,000)
Designer: Bertram Mackennal


Among the most visually striking issues in the OPM series, the obverse design which depicts four horses (in motion) drawing a chariot (and driver) and a standing judge holding the "palm of victory" was intended to appear on all future OPMs. The reverse carries a majestically-winged figure standing on what appears to be the upper part of a globe holding a triumphant horn in one hand and a laurel branch in the other. The legend, ELIS ATHENS PARIS St LOUIS LONDON IN COMMEMORATION oF THE OLYMPIC GAMES HELD IN LONDON 1908 rests in the lower half.


The 1908 Olympics were originally awarded to Rome, but were reassigned to London. At the Opening Ceremony, the athletes marched into the stadium by nation, as most countries sent selected national teams. Archers Willy and Lottie Dod became the first brother and sister medalists. Joshua Millner became the oldest person ever to win an individual event when, at the age of 61, he defeated 48 rivals to win the free rifle shooting contest. 1908 marked the first appearance of diving and field hockey. In the spirit of sportsmanship, the final in middleweight Greco-Roman wrestling between Frithiof Martensson and Mauritz Andersson was postponed one day to allow Martensson to recover from a minor injury. Martensson won. Ray Ewry won the standing high jump and the standing long jump for the third time and became the only person in Olympic history to win a career total of eight gold medals in individual events. The event that caught the public imagination around the world was the dramatic ending of the marathon. After 26 miles of running, the first man to enter the stadium was Dorando Pietri of Italy, but he collapsed on the track five times and was disqualified when officials carried him across the finish line.

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